Experience the Essence of Northeast India: A 10-Day Adventure

Embark on a 10-day odyssey through the captivating landscapes and diverse essence of Northeast India. This immersive journey begins in Dibrugarh, the gateway to the enchanting world of tea plantations and tribal communities. As you traverse the hidden gems of Assam and Nagaland, you’ll witness the ancient traditions of the Konyak tribe, explore the historical tapestry of Sibsagar, and meander through the tranquil river island of Majuli. The adventure culminates in the wild beauty of Kaziranga National Park, home to an array of wildlife. Join us on this experiential voyage, where every day unfolds a new chapter of discovery and awe.

Day 01 – Arrival in Dibrugarh:

Land in the vibrant Dibrugarh airport and embark on a picturesque 1.5-hour drive to Digboi. Choose the intimate embrace of Hollong Habi, a charming homestay nestled in a tea plantation, or opt for a hotel stay. Dive into the heart of tea culture with a visit to the plantation and factory, then journey to a Singpho tribal village. Following a picnic lunch along the Tirap river, continue to the Namphake village of the Tai Phake tribe. Conclude the day at the historical Chowkidinghee Tea Bungalow in Dibrugarh town.

Day 02 – Immerse in Tribal Heritage:

Venture from Dibrugarh to Mon in Nagaland, a 5 to 6-hour drive. Explore the Konyak tribe’s fascinating culture, known for their once-practiced headhunting rituals. Stay at the enchanting Helsa Cottage, soaking in the rich history and intricate tattoos adorning the elderly.

Day 03 – Stay at Helsa Cottage:

Dibrugarh to Mon in the state of Nagaland :(5 to 6 hours drive). Nagaland is home to over fifteen different tribes known collectively as the Nagas. The Mon area is home to the Konyak tribe, once known for the practice of headhunting. Some of the old men have elaborate tattoos on their faces and chests . Stay at Helsa Cottage .

Day 04 – Explore Konyak Villages:

Dive deeper into the Konyak culture by spending the day visiting their hilltop villages. Marvel at the elaborate wooden doors and posts of the hereditary chiefs, known as Anghs, as you absorb the rich heritage and unique architecture.

Essence of Northeast India

Day 05 – Sibsagar’s Historical Tapestry:

Embark on a scenic drive from Mon to Sibsagar. En route, visit Charaideu, the burial grounds of the Ahom Kings. Immerse yourself in the history of the Tai-Ahoms and explore the iconic Shiva Dol, Rang Ghar, and the ruins of the Ahom Palace. Check in at the regal Hotel Shiva Palace and relive the past.

Day 06 – Majestic Majuli:

Head to Neamati, catch a ferry to Majuli, the largest river island in South Asia. Experience the cultural heart of Assam by staying at the Mepo Okum Guest House. Explore Neo Vaishnavite monasteries, witness a Satriya dance, and absorb the unique heritage of this rural island.

Day 07 – Cultural Exploration in Majuli:

Dive into a full day of exploration, visiting various monasteries, Assamese villages, and a Mishing tribal village. Witness the rich cultural tapestry and closely-knit communities that make Majuli a unique destination.

Day 08 – Majuli to Kaziranga:

Embark on an early morning ferry back to the mainland and proceed to Kaziranga. Check in at the Wild Grass Resort and prepare for a thrilling encounter with the wildlife. Enjoy an evening jeep safari in the Baguri range and savor a folk dance performed by a local troupe.

Days 09 – Wildlife Safari in Kaziranga:

Experience the thrill of an early morning elephant ride, followed by a jeep safari in the central range. After a relaxing lunch, embark on an exciting jeep safari in the eastern range. Immerse yourself in the diverse wildlife, including the famed Indian One-Horned Rhinoceros.

Day 10 – Farewell to Assam:

Bid farewell to the enchanting Kaziranga and journey back to Guwahati Airport. If time allows, visit the revered Kamakhya temple en route, concluding your unforgettable 10-day adventure through the heart of Northeast India.

As your 10-day sojourn through Northeast India draws to a close, you’ll carry with you the echoes of tribal chants, the aroma of tea plantations, and the majestic sights of Kaziranga’s wildlife. From the intimate homestays in tea bungalows to the regal charm of historical landmarks, this journey has been a tapestry woven with cultural richness and natural wonders. Majuli’s serene river landscapes and the untamed beauty of Kaziranga have left an indelible mark on your travel story. Bid adieu to the vibrant tapestry of Northeast India, knowing that its essence will linger in your memories, a testament to the incredible diversity and allure of this unexplored corner of the country.

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